The personal KM scan is based on the knowledge ecosystem approach, developed by CTA and Co-Capacity. In this approach, knowledge management aims to develop and foster optimal ‘knowledge ecosystems’. These are dynamic knowledge intensive environments where individuals, organisations and networks interact in conjunction with their surroundings - stakeholders, partners, clients, donors, etc. The entire ecosystem evolves and interacts as a system with interdependent parts. These knowledge intensive environments create value by delivering the best knowledge products and services possible.

In addition to the personal KM scan, distinct scans are available to assess KM in your organization or network. The analysis and results serve as baseline and are an excellent starting point for discussion and in-depth analysis (workshop format) and form a solid basis for KM capacity building - develop your KM strategy, work plans and KM intervention areas (training and coaching).

More on the Ecosystems approach and what it can do for you and your organization and network can be found in the following introductory materials: